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Novalease is a licensed specialist in novated leasing for individuals and organizations. Our network of professional car brokers has an established rapport with numerous legitimate dealers, private sellers, and finance corporations, allowing us to find various types of vehicles at the most affordable prices.

We offer a No Haggle, No Hassle online car shopping experience. You may use our database to search for your ideal vehicle and communicate with the potential seller FOR FREE. The same goes if you’re selling or trading a vehicle!

Our Mission

It is our objective to help you own a vehicle and enjoy its advantages while maintaining financial stability. We’ve created a hassle-free process for buying, selling, or trading a vehicle. You can use our system to find new cars, short-term leases, and for-assume vehicles. There’s no need to go through a complicated negotiation and piles of paperwork!

Our system contains a large list of various links to honest and independent reviews from some of the most trusted sources on the internet. You will be assisted by our staff from the beginning until the vehicle is delivered to your door. 

Your Advantages

Why Choose Novalease?

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We Are Fully Licensed

By working with a fully licensed company, you can avoid complications during the process of buying, selling, or trading and in the future. Novalease has all the necessary licenses and permits to operate in Australia for setting up novated leases.

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We Handle All the Paperwork

Simply provide us with the necessary information and we’ll find your ideal vehicle within the set budget. Our experienced staff will handle all the paperwork which includes the contract and insurance. We will also check the vehicle’s history and current condition.

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We Negotiate in Your Behalf

Finding a vehicle that suits your budget can be challenging. But with our extensive network and well-experienced car brokers, we can quickly get the best deal for your ideal vehicle. We maintain a professional relationship with numerous dealers, private sellers, and auction houses across the country, allowing us to get discounts and flexible payment options.