Before the Hire

  • Before you choose a rental company, read the contract terms and conditions carefully.
  • Before you take possession of your automobile, examine it thoroughly under the supervision of a salesperson. Make sure any prior damage, however minor, is documented.
  • Take photographs of the vehicle at the start and end of your rental. Attempt to time-stamp the images and, if feasible, have the sales representative in them as well.
  • Inquire about what to do if your car breaks down or gets involved in an accident.
  • Check to see whether you’ll need to return the vehicle with a full tank and what the cost per litre is if you don’t.

During the Hire

  • The first thing to look for as you depart the vehicle hire agency is a petrol station so that you can fill up on your return trip without paying excessive rates.
  • If the automobile breaks down during the rental or you have an accident, follow the car’s instructions. Don’t repair it without first getting permission.

After the Hire

  • In our recent study of Avis and Hertz, we discovered that fuel mark-ups were as high as 300%. To avoid a refuelling fee, fill the car as near to the drop-off point as possible and keep your receipt.
  • Take a look at any scratches or dents while you’re filling up. Shampoo down your automobile before returning it so that any potential harm is evident.
  • Aim to return your automobile during operating hours if you don’t want to pay for someone else’s transgressions.
  • Immediately upon return, get a representative from the firm to examine the car in your presence.
  • If the vehicle was returned undamaged, ask for a written statement from the ACCC acknowledging this.
  • On the spot, resolve any differences in damages.
  • If you have a problem, consult your local consumer protection or fair trading office for assistance, or check the recommendations of consumer advocates in that country if it was an overseas hire.